Citchen Cabinet Contest

My friend Sage is installing new kitchen cabinets, but she’s having a hard time deciding which hardware to use. Can you help her decide? Head on over to her blog to vote for your favorite knob or handle and then come back here leave me a comment on this post. On February 29th at 8 am EST, I’ll choose a winner from the commentors here by random number and send him or her a prize. How about some pretty kitchen cotton to make a couple of dishcloths for your own kitchen?

29 thoughts on “Citchen Cabinet Contest

  1. Hi Sage,

    I have bar and block oil rubbed bronze bar-type handles and pulls in my kitchen that I got at Whitechapel and love them. We don’t have cherry cabinets but we do have the oil rubbed bronze throughout hte house like you do. If you want a picture of what mine look like and how they have worn, let me know and I will email you.


  2. I didn’t actually vote for any of the choices. I voted for the bar pull but in bronze. Didn’t like the silver at all.

  3. I voted for the rubbed bronze knob. It looks more traditional, kind of farmhouse. Even though the cabinets are cherry, they seem like a fairly traditional family and I’m guessing it would suit the rest of their house’s style.

  4. I liked the silver….what a rebel. I just liked the contrast. I think the bar pulls look too modern and the second ones just disappear into the wood.

    But what do I know?

  5. I voted for the round bronze knob, but suggested an alternative to the three she displayed – a square bevelled knob. Her cabinets are really beautiful!

  6. I had to laugh over this contest–I had a hard time picking out my kitchen cabinet hardware it took forever–but I voted for 2nd choice.

  7. I vote for the round bronze knob out of the choices given. But I would love to see her try a classic warm brass knob or pull…not the cheap shiny kind, but the solid brass that doesn’t look quite so gold. Brass is on the way back in and it would really be a neat accent on those dark cabinets.

  8. I voted for the bronze knob because I like the way it looks the most. But I also like the bronze bar… it emulates the long stem of the lights. But for practical purposes and little fingers, knobs make more sense. To me, anyway.

  9. Hi Everyone!!!

    Thanks so much to Jen for inviting you all over to vote on my knobs. First of all can I just say that Home Depot’s selection was very limited–as was our time to check out all the local stores (didn’t think of online until too late). Last night we ran over to Lowes and they had about three times as many choices as we’d had at Home Depot. However, we only had 5 minutes before store closing. I bought a couple of organic looking bronze knobs. But after getting home and looking at them and considering your votes, we chose the bronze knobs pictured on my site! They match our faucet well too and should give a classic look to our new kitchen. Thanks for all of your comments. I truly appreciate them as we plan to sell soon and I needed a broad base of tastes to pull from. You all deserve a medal (or at least a new ball of yarn!) THANKS!

  10. BTW, we had to choose them today, as the cabinets are being installed and they will only put them on if we have them in hand!


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