Stream of Consciousness Monday

It’s Monday. I didn’t make the coffee strong enough. I’m on my 3rd day of doing Core. It sucks. My Totally Awesome Sister is trying to get a good start on her novel–she’s shooting for 3 chapters completed by the end of April. Go over and wish her luck. I finished one Tribble scrubbie only to immediately cast on another. I frogged my secret project. Yesterday we moved a bunch of shit into storage because we are going to put our condo on the market soon. I just ate a blueberry that tasted like feet.

humorous pictures
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UPDATE 4/15: I fixed the Tribble srubbie link. Sorry about that. :-)

4 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Monday

  1. I want the tribble scrubbie link but it isn’t working! And I love that polar bear picture. I bought a birthday card with the image on it that made reference to too much tequila.

  2. I soooo feel this way. Sigh. Definitely yesterday, but today too.. Sigh. I really shouldn’t let my husband keep me up two nights in a row.

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