I Knit, Therefore I Tink

I gave up sewing partly because I am just not good at following sewing patterns. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve sewn a seam, thinking I’ve done it correctly, only to refer to the pattern for the next step and discover that I’ve done it completely WRONG! I swear, 90% of my sewing time was usually spent carefully picking out stitches with a seam-ripper.

It turns out that I’m not much better at following knitting patterns! I’m ready to stuff that Feather and Fan cardigan into the bottom of my knitting basket and cast on a pair of socks or a dishrag, but I’m so close to the end of the hard part that I can taste it. If I just hang in there for another knitting session or two I can get past the mind-boggling F&F section and into the mind-numbing stockinette section. But first I’ll have to tink back a few rows.

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