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Because I’m a 20 Percenter


This evening was annual meeting of our condo’s Home Owner’s Association. Guess who’s the new, most unenthusiastic member of the condo board. Dudes, there was some serious peer pressure down there. Shit, man. And, to make the evening complete, guess who reluctantly agreed to be the board secretary when no one else would step forward. Damn you Vilfredo Pareto!!!

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Obligatory Sock Yarn Stash Photos

Well, the start of the Summer of Socks 2008 is just around the corner. Let’s see what we have in the ol’ stash, shall we?


(View the photo on Flickr to see my notes.)

You know, I really have no excuse not to be knitting socks right now. Also, I just realized that there are two balls of sock yarn not pictured. Heh…

And here it all is, tucked sweetly into my knitting basket, all set and ready to go.