Knitting · Summer of Socks

In which the Universe hands me a giant bag of suck

Only a month into the summer of socks and I’ve developed tendinitis in my tensioning arm.

No knitting. Minimal computer time. 3 weeks. Suck.

Knitting · Summer of Socks

And Done.

I guess I just needed to put my nose to the grindstone, buckle down, and bang that puppy out. Now, onward to SOS pair #5.

Knitting · Summer of Socks


Whew, I finally bound off the first of the Wildflower Socks (my 4th pair for Summer of Socks). While I love the result, this stitch pattern really slowed me down. Seriously, I went from finishing 3 pairs of socks in 2 weeks, to this single sock taking an entire week. WTF?

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Whiskers on Wednesday+WIP=blog post

Posting has been rather light here at Chez Interrupted, so today I offer you a two for one. First, here’s my cat. You’ve seen him before.

This was about 5 seconds before he bit my leg. Oh yeah. Real funny.

And here’s my WIP:

Another sock for Summer of Socks (this will by my 4th pair).

Knitting · Summer of Socks

One Pair Down

(Photo is linked to details on Ravelry. If you’re interested.)

Finished last night while watching the Colbert Report. I’d forgotten how much of a rush it is to finish a pair of socks. Woo!

Knitting · Summer of Socks

It’s on, yo!

The Summer of Socks 2008 started today. Well, technically it started last night at midnight plus one minute, but I was in bed and fast asleep long before then. (I know. I’m so OLD.) So, when I got up with E2 at 6:30 this morning, I sent the Feather and Fan Cardigan on a much needed and well earned vacation and cast on these:

Two-at-a-time, toe-up Monkeys (with purls) in Fleece Artist’s Merino 2/6 Sock. It’s the Forest Dreamscape colorway (made famous by the Yarn Harlot as step-outs for her Knitty Gritty appearance). And so it begins.

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Obligatory Sock Yarn Stash Photos

Well, the start of the Summer of Socks 2008 is just around the corner. Let’s see what we have in the ol’ stash, shall we?


(View the photo on Flickr to see my notes.)

You know, I really have no excuse not to be knitting socks right now. Also, I just realized that there are two balls of sock yarn not pictured. Heh…

And here it all is, tucked sweetly into my knitting basket, all set and ready to go.

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SOS and WsIP Wednesday

The sign-ups for the Summer of Socks opened today and close on May 15th. I participated last year and it was a blast!

The Feather and Fan Cardigan:

I am in over my head, people. Way over. Way, way over. I hope to have it finished by the first day of Summer of Socks so I can turn my focus to sock knitting. Optimistic? Probably. Possible? Not likely. And yet, I soldier on.

Knitting · Summer of Socks

Sock Progress

OK, I know I said I would take a break from sock knitting, but I am seriously weak. I mean, it’s SOCKS. How can you take a break from knitting socks? Especially when there is Yarn Pirate Booty Club yarn in your stash!
I cast this sock on, specifically to be my traveling sock. Let me tell you, the going is slow when you are only knitting a project while you’re out somewhere. It’s good, though. The pattern is simple and the yarn is beautiful. It’s almost like seeing an old friend when I take it out (even thought I’ve only been working on it for a week or so).

Speaking of sock knitting, check out these kick-ass shoes I got for fall.

I think they will show of my hand knits perfectly. Granted, I only have one pair of hand knit socks, but I’m working on more. I’m not normally a shoe person, but seriously? Could you resist?

Knitting · Summer of Socks

The Toe-up Tigers Are Done!

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The Toe-Up Tigers Are Done!

I finished them late last night while watching a movie on the TV machine. These were my first ever toe-up socks and the first pair I knitted simultaneously. I really enjoyed this method–no second sock syndrome! Instead of making two separate balls of yarn, I just pulled the yarn from the inside for one sock and the outside for the other. Once I got the hang of keeping the strands separate, it all went smoothly.

Stitch pattern: 5×1 rib
Yarn: Opal Rainforest
Colorway: Tiger (can’t you tell?)
Needles: 2 mm

Even thought I have some really amazing sock yarn in my stash I think I’m going to take a break from knitting only socks for now. I’m not sure what to cast on next, however. Either this or this. Or maybe this.

Oh, that reminds me. Isaac, who back in February decided he’d wanted to be a bat for Halloween, told me yesterday that he’d changed his mind and now wants to be a dragon. Luckily, he has a dragon costume already. Also, if he is going to change is mind every 5 minutes, he’s going to have to settle for something NOT knitted (hah).