I am a funny person. Really.

Next November I want to write a funny novel. My last two NaNo novels were (are) very serious. Last year I wrote about the journey of an abused slave girl and how she triumphed over her abuser/captor. This year my book is about a young mother and her son, abducted by aliens, who learn that, in order to save humanity from a bitter future of endless and brutal war, they have to make the ultimate sacrifice. Pretty heavy stuff.

Tonight I was wondering why I haven’t made an attempt at writing humor. I mean, who doesn’t love a funny book? I like to think I have a pretty good sense of humor. Here’s a joke I made up:

When either of the boys are finding every excuse to avoid getting ready for bed, I tell him I’m going to change his name to Joseph. Why? Because he’s stallin’.

I’m not so sure if I’m good at making up jokes.

2 thoughts on “I am a funny person. Really.

  1. OK, maybe it’s ’cause I”m reading this “tomorrow” (after our own Thanksgiving dinner”) but……..I think that is ONE FUNNY JOKE!! And it’s interesting – I’m sort of idly thinking about my next NaNo too (though I’m not quite done with this one). I for SURE understand people doing it more than once. I’m going to go sleep off my turkey now – and yes, I know some ne’er-do-well phony scientsts claim to have discounted the tryptophan theory. They’re full of it (heheheee)

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