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How to get Silly Putty out of hand knit socks

Step 1. Pour a little rubbing alcohol over an old, soft-bristled toothbrush.
Step 2. Rub the silly putty gently with the toothbrush until it comes off the sock.
Step 3. Wash the sock as you normally do.

Also, Dear Santa, please no more Silly Putty. kthxbai!

6 thoughts on “How to get Silly Putty out of hand knit socks

  1. Good thing to know! I really loved Silly Putty and didn’t know they still made it. Maybe I will find some for the grandbebe…

  2. Also – if I’m not mistaken, you can put the silly-putty-besmirched garment into the freezer overnight, and in the morning — chip it off. (This won’t work, though, if it’s on — you know, a KID or something too big to stick in the freezer overnight).

  3. Good to know, as I got both silly putty and sock yarn for Christmas- in the same stocking no less. Glad you could get it off!

  4. Ah.. we also got silly putty for Christmas (the bright orange kind), and it ended up in our carpet. Rubbing alcohol worked great! We also used some Goo-Gone to get rid of the residual orange stain.

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