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I know, I know.

It’s been a while. I have no excuse and can only offer apologies for the lack of posts around here lately. In a way, I just kind of mentally checked out of the blog this week. Well, since the beginning of the year, really. Anyway, in no particular order, here’s a list of what’s been going on:

1. I finished reading Water For Elephants. Wow, what a wonderful and deeply satisfying read. It’s also inspiring to see just how fantastic a NaNoWriMo novel can be.

2. I cast on and completed a pair of felted clogs (a ravelry link). They are are so awesome, everyone should make a pair. 2 pairs, even.

3. I cast on the Bird in Hand mittens and they are coming along quite nicely. In fact, stranded knitting may very well be my new favorite thing. Pictures soon.

4. I have a new asthma doctor and a new asthma medication. I hope to be breathing better soon.

5. My tendinitis has flared up again. I think it might have something to do with my trying to knit faster, which I remember trying to do last time, too. My new mantra: I do not need to hold the world record. I can knit at the speed which is comfortable for my body. It’s OK if it takes more than a day to complete a pair of socks. I do not need to hold the world record. Om.

6. We have a new president. I tried to capture the moment yesterday while watching the ceremony on the teevee machine and knitting, only to fail miserably at getting any good photos. I was moved to tears by his speech, especially the part where he referred to the sacrifices of our ancestors and reminded us that those sacrifices were made for us. It was amazing.

7. I have been sitting so still in this room for so long that the automatic lights have switched off.

5 thoughts on “I know, I know.

  1. Hee, I tried knitting during the coverage yesterday and I couldn’t–I kept getting all emotional and stuff. And then I pretty much watched everything I could until 1am. What a great day!!

  2. Sending love….

    I spent all day yesterday in front of the TV… I can’t remember the last time I did that, and I don’t regret a minute. I have so much hope I’m near bursting with it. I am truly looking forward to the next few years.

  3. Love those clogs!

    I watched the coverage ad nauseam (I love a parade!)but I didn’t get at all emotional. Sorry. I did fly the flag however. I guess the cynic in me is waiting for some movement beyond the rhetoric and some results. . .It was fascinating to watch all the energy and excitment at the event though. Even from the TV, it was hard not to catch the “it’s a great day to be an American” feeling. This was, for me at least, rather refreshing!

  4. Aren’t those clogs great? I knit my dad a pair for Xmas07 and he’s still wearing them!! LOL Practically every day.

    You forgot #8. Whiskers on Wednesday! We need some kitty pictures.

    P.S. It’s so cute that your mom left a comment!!

  5. Yeah, are we going to have to start banging on our keyboards and chanting, “Doozer!, Doozer! Doozer!”? lol Just joking.

    I love those clogs. I’m so tempted to try the Bird in Hand mittens, but I’m still a little nervous about colorwork.

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