Sometimes you knit your project…

…and sometimes it knits you.

Exhibit A: The Bird in Hand Mittens [ravelry].

It turns out I am not that much of a Vikings fan. Also, remember this foppish fellow from inauguration day?

Yeah. This project will be frogged in favor of a better less garish different color combination.

Exhibit B: The Sweater of Rassilon [ravelry]:

I finished the ribbing and knit about 5 rounds (over 200 sts) of stockinette stitch before I remembered that I was supposed to increase evenly up to 220 stitches on the first round of stockinette stitch. *sigh*

5 thoughts on “Sometimes you knit your project…

  1. I did notice the 41st president rocking the bright purple. I can’t wait to see your bird-in-hand mittens in a color scheme that pleases you more.

  2. Hee hee! Sorry to laugh at your expense, but your post made me giggle a little. Too bad you didn’t get a pict of his hat too…

  3. I’m a bit behind here, but I just found your blog… Anyway, I can’t do purple & gold simply because those are UW colors and I graduated from WSU. I’m glad to know that you frog simply because a certain ex-leader was sporting it :) Now they will make my eyes burn slightly more.

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