Doozer · Whiskers on Wednesday

Whiskers on Wednesday

It’s snowing here today. It’s not the snowmageddon they were predicting a couple of days ago, but the schools are closed and we’re going to stay inside anyway. We like to have a big fire on days like this and Doozer’s favorite place to be is right in front of it.

They say that cats were domesticated because they lacked a proper fear of fire.

Yeah, I can totally see that.

4 thoughts on “Whiskers on Wednesday

  1. lol…I’m coming to your house to stretch out with Doozer! Our fireplace has been broken for 2 years now (gas logs) and I *miss* having a fire. Tell Doozer to make room. ;-)

  2. Oh now – next to a CAT, a fireplace is what I want MOST. My poor little out-of-a-box prefab has nowhere we could put one, and tempted though I have been to make me a little campfire in the middle of the living room, I {sob} won’t. But I surely do admire YOURS, and I, too, would be right there stretched out by the kitty………(what GREAT pictures!)

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