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Weird Searches Land Here Friday

People use internet searches for weird stuff. Inexplicably, some of those weird searches end up here. For example, this week, the following web searches ended up here.

i like to pee myself
i am funny fish
people that lungcancer effed
knitting retard
awsome rorschach pics

I can’t help but think that Mr. (or Ms!) Iliketopeemyself must have been sorely disappointed with what they found here.

One thought on “Weird Searches Land Here Friday

  1. You can find ANYthing on line. Stuff on my Cat. Cute Things Falling Asleep. But – pee on myself? There are PRODUCTS for that. (Don’t ask me how I know – let’s just say I laugh easily.) But in spite of all the comments, plus and minus, about the innerwebs, I find it a perpetual source of wonder. And friends! HI!! :-)

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