Sweater Killer

Remember this sweater? I finished it back in January. I loved this sweater.

Apparently, wool will felt just to spite you if the water you use for washing is too cold.

Lesson learned: lukewarm water for hand knits. Not cold.

6 thoughts on “Sweater Killer

  1. No way! I didn’t know that! Handy info. Sorry to get it at your expense though. It really is a pretty sweater. Do you know any mini-persons who would appreciate it?

  2. Are you sure it’s the temperature of the water that did it? I’ve never heard of cool/cold water shrinking wool unless there’s agitation. Could it be that it got swished around too much?

  3. tehehe… I saw this *before* it was on the internet.

    Sweater thing sucks, though.

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