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Fairy Dust Dreams

Isaac had to have two baby teeth extracted the other day so you know what that means–a visit from the tooth fairy! For some reason, our tooth fairy thought it would be a fun and good idea if she left superfine glitter fairy dust all over the sink in the bathroom (also, the floor). Why the bathroom sink you ask? When Isaac lost his first tooth, there were all sorts of questions I wasn’t really prepared to answer. The tooth fairy is not the same as Santa, you see. Santa is easy. It’s pretty well established where Santa comes from and how he gets in your house and what he does when he gets there. The tooth fairy, however, that’s a different story all together and, frankly, I didn’t have a firmly established mythos about the tooth fairy to answer the questions that came up when they came up. So I improvised. And what do you get when you improvise? A tooth fairy that enters and exits the house through the drain in the sink.