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Watch out for the lace bug, it bites!

I’ve spent a lot of knitting time over the past couple of weeks, poring over circular shawl projects on Ravelry. And stitch dictionaries. And old doily patterns. Because I am crazy. I want to design my own circular shawl, even though I am lace noob. So consumed am I by my passion for this, that I made a special trip to a bookstore to pick up another copy of book I already own (but is in storage). And now, this morning, in the light of day, I see that the yarn I have selected will not work for this project (it’s too stripey, too pooley), so I am shopping for alpaca laceweight (knitpicks has a nice selection, but I think I want something in a natural color). O lace! Thou temptress! Thy siren song enchants, thy holey stitches entwine! Now, if you will excuse me, I have an itch that must be scratched.