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Watch out for the lace bug, it bites!

I’ve spent a lot of knitting time over the past couple of weeks, poring over circular shawl projects on Ravelry. And stitch dictionaries. And old doily patterns. Because I am crazy. I want to design my own circular shawl, even though I am lace noob. So consumed am I by my passion for this, that I made a special trip to a bookstore to pick up another copy of book I already own (but is in storage). And now, this morning, in the light of day, I see that the yarn I have selected will not work for this project (it’s too stripey, too pooley), so I am shopping for alpaca laceweight (knitpicks has a nice selection, but I think I want something in a natural color). O lace! Thou temptress! Thy siren song enchants, thy holey stitches entwine! Now, if you will excuse me, I have an itch that must be scratched.

3 thoughts on “Watch out for the lace bug, it bites!

  1. first, love the masthead!

    second, I love the idea of a circular lace shawl. have fun knitting it! it will be gorgeous, and I cant wait to borrow it. LOL

  2. For me – it’s the first Sign of Season-Turning: I start looking at new knit projects like lace. And this is a GOOD thing. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer. Mostly, I love 100% safe driving conditions…but my mostest favoritest is autumn, and frankly I loves me a good wintry day with snow falling heavily — as viewed over the rim of a cup of cocoa, with a pile of knitting in my lap. Excuse me now, I’m off to Ravelry to see whereof you speak. (AND REMEMBER…NANOWRIMO’S COMING UP TOO)

  3. You ARE crazy, but all true artists are at least a little crazy. ;-) Go for it. I bet it will be awesome.

    So many people take lace for granted, with all of the machine-generated drivel out there. Handmade lace is challenging, amazing, wonderful…

    I tried tatting for a while, because I became consumed with the idea of doing dainty, fragile, interesting geometric pieces–but I sucked at it. You have all my respect for being able to knit lace at all.

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