Wednesday Morning Link Roundup

Having a sick kid the last few days has given me an excuse to stay home, get the house back in order, sneak in some knitting, and get caught up on my NaNo. Yes, I could have done all those things yesterday, but did I? No. I surfed the internet instead.

This cat is stubborn. Very very stubborn.

Out and about and can’t decide where to pull in and grab a bite to eat? This handy dandy flowchart will help you out.

Bored with cleaning up the kids’ toys? (Lord knows I am!) Try this instead.

Will somebody please pull these people over and take away their Photoshop license? Seriously.

This is cool, but also depressing in a way.

4 thoughts on “Wednesday Morning Link Roundup

  1. OK, so I woke up Mr Dearling cackling over that cat. Either it’s the policeman’s cat or he’s a real cat lover. Or NOT easily distractable. I mean, THAT! is funny. Thanks for that. I think I can breathe again.

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