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2009: A Knitting Retrospective

2009 was an incredibly busy and productive knitting year for me.

What did your 2009 look like? Make your mosaic at Big Huge Labs and post a link to it in the comments on this post. Happy New Year!

7 thoughts on “2009: A Knitting Retrospective

  1. Holy granola! I can’t believe you found time to make all those beautiful things and raise your boys, run your house, etc. this year! I’m thinking I’ve got to dig up some orange yarn and make a couple of Jane hats now…

  2. you’re a knitting goddess!

    what yarn is that BSJ? I knitted one that looks very much the same, not that I can remember the name of the yarn or anything :) and no, I took no pics cause I suck like that

  3. OH MY WORD, that is a lot of knits! I didn’t get nearly that many done. Though… I probably did more than I realize. I’ll have to poke through my photos and see.

  4. And Ella’s surprise sweater is awesome! We love it, and so does everyone who’s seen her in it! Great job on all your 2009 projects!

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