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Woven Square Slippers: A Tutorial

So weaving is great for making flat fabric, and with my loom I can whip up a 12″ square in a couple of hours. But what are you going to do with all those squares? I mean, I can only make so many dish cloths, you know? Then I got an idea. Slippers for E4!

1. Start with a woven square–I used Patons Classic wool held double:

2. Run a length of yarn down one side:

And, using it as a drawstring, pull it tight, gathering up one side of the square to look like this:

Now your square looks like this:

3. Now, sew up the back and top of the square here:

leaving a hole in the top. I eyeballed it so that it looked in proportion.

Make another one and felt using your favorite method. I threw mine into a hot washing machine with a couple of towels.

E4 hates them, of course, because he hates everything I make for him, but I think they’re pretty awesome.