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Woven Square Slippers: A Tutorial

So weaving is great for making flat fabric, and with my loom I can whip up a 12″ square in a couple of hours. But what are you going to do with all those squares? I mean, I can only make so many dish cloths, you know? Then I got an idea. Slippers for E4!

1. Start with a woven square–I used Patons Classic wool held double:

2. Run a length of yarn down one side:

And, using it as a drawstring, pull it tight, gathering up one side of the square to look like this:

Now your square looks like this:

3. Now, sew up the back and top of the square here:

leaving a hole in the top. I eyeballed it so that it looked in proportion.

Make another one and felt using your favorite method. I threw mine into a hot washing machine with a couple of towels.

E4 hates them, of course, because he hates everything I make for him, but I think they’re pretty awesome.

20 thoughts on “Woven Square Slippers: A Tutorial

  1. Lovely – and with a couple of decorative buttons or embroidered patches sewn on the sides they’d be even cuter. Perfect gift!

  2. Does it work for knitted as well? or is the felting un balanced because of stretch. I teach a bunch of tweens knitting at thew church and I thing this is a great next project.

  3. The March/April 2010 issue of Piecework Magazine has an article on weaving with a small loom, including a pattern for an afghan. After reading your post, now I have 2 reasons to buy a loom! :)

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