Excitement, I has it!

Guys, remember this?

My first fleece, purchased from the CT Sheep and Wool festival back in April. I was going to process it myself, but soon realized that I was in way over my head. So, back before Christmas, I shipped the whole shebang to the Still River Mill to be washed and carded. Lookee what came in the mail:

And this is what’s inside:

Each box has 3 bags full of clean, fluffy rovings:

That spin up quickly and easily:

It was a little over 7 lbs when I sent it, and I got back a skosh over 5 lbs. I cannot tell you how glad I am that I didn’t try to wash out the 2 lbs of wool grease and other shit that was in there. But, FWIW, I’m still in way over my head.

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February Link Roundup: Star Wars Edition

February was a great month for Star Wars geekery on the web.

This guy makes amazing Starwars origami from subway tickets.

He found the droid he was looking for (I especially love the hat).

Do you ever wonder what happened to the scrolling Star Wars text?

And lastly, the classic (and AWESOME) Han Solo, PI.

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[8:15 am]

At least, that’s what Accuweather.com is calling it.

They are such sensationalizers! Although, to be fair, folks to the west of me are getting hammered.