A Knitting Quandary

I’m in a bind. You see, I need a nice little project that travels well. Something mindless that I can tuck into my smallish purse and work on while I’m out and about. You know, at park day or in the waiting room at the dentist’s office or whatever. You have one of those projects, too, admit it. Anyway, Skew was decidedly not that project for me, so while I was working on Skew at home, I was taking my Involution Shawl out. It was the perfect traveling project. It was still sort of small, and oh-so-mindless. I could pick it up anywhere and sneak in a few stitches or rounds, and put it down without worrying about losing my place in the pattern. But now Skew is done and Involution has outgrown my purse, and I’m left trying to figure out what the heck to cast on that travels well.

Only, all I want to knit is sweaters. And spin.

3 thoughts on “A Knitting Quandary

  1. Mmm….normally, that’s when I throw a dishcloth in the car. You could always use the dishcloth to practice new lace patterns or cable techniques for future sweaters.

  2. That is a very good question! I love the greyhound sweater, I wish my brother’s greyhound wasn’t at the end of her life, I’d have made that for her as she’s in Alaska, but she only has a very small amount time left – she’s 17 now.

    I’m currently making blocks for a baby shower, they make a nice portable project, but probalbly not what you are looking for.

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