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10 Facebook Statuses for Star Wars Day

It’s Star Wars Day, the holiday of, by, and for geeks! Here are 10 quotes from Episode V that would make great Facebook updates.

  • …saw a city in the clouds.
  • …must unlearn what she has learned.
  • …’s ally is the Force.
  • …could use a good kiss!
  • …thought they smelled bad on the outside.
  • …is altering the deal. Pray she doesn’t alter it further.
  • …is not a committee!
  • …is strong enough to pull the ears off a gundark.
  • …has a bad feeling about this.

Now, go snuggle up with your favorite geek, gather up your little nerdlings and pop your favorite Episode into the DVD player. Episode V, amirite?

5 thoughts on “10 Facebook Statuses for Star Wars Day

  1. I so wish I had been on top of it earlier today so I could have used these. “… has a bad feeling about this” is just so perfect! So would something like “… lets the Wookie win!”

  2. NOOOO! I missed it because I was at work.

    I will pop in Star Trek 2009 in mourning instead, and comfort myself with Karl Urban and Chris Pine and the bitchin’ Zoe Saldana. Also, the silver foxy Bruce Greenwood WHO DID NOT GET ENOUGH SCREENTIME, I’m just SAYIN’, Admiral Pike needs to be in the next movie just so I can DROOL A LOT MORE.

    That totally counts as nerd factor, right? I mean, I’ll make towel jokes along with Simon Pegg?

  3. …Lucas says: what other kid-friendly monster can I jam into the next film to make action figures out of?

    (heh heh).

    (me like Star Trek, Stargate, and Andromeda better).

    :-P :-P :-P

    (runs away before the Star Wars fans see her)

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