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A Lace Knitting Breakthrough

Remember how I was making slow and painstaking progress on the Blue Blossom Shawl and feeling extremely stressed out by it? Well, I finally got a clue and made myself a crapton of very delicate and very sparkly stitch markers.

I placed them at the beginning of each pattern repeat, and then something just clicked. Suddenly I could see where I was in the pattern and if when I made a mistake I could catch it quickly and easily. I blazed through the remaining repeats of the center section in no time at all and am ready to move on to the next section. For future reference: stitch markers = lace knitting succeed!

10 thoughts on “A Lace Knitting Breakthrough

  1. This makes me want to unbury all the beading supplies I shoved in a dark corner of my craft closet. I knew I’d have a reason to keep them around!

  2. That’s what I do. I have even graduated to stitch marking like every two, sometimes every three! repeats. Life on the edge, I know!!

  3. stitch markers are imperative on lace in my opinion, especially at repeats I couldn’t live without them, well maybe live, but not successfully knit lace

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