Rethinking Holiday Knitting

I have knitted holiday gifts for my close family members (5 people all together, since I don’t count the kids or my hubs) every year since I started knitting in 2003. As far as I know, these gifts were well received and appreciated. But this year, my heart just isn’t in it. I’m having a tendonitis flare-up and I realized that I’m just not a fast enough knitter to knit for everyone I know and still be able to knit the things I want for myself. Besides, how many cozies (head, neck, hand, foot) do people need?

A very good friend suggested that each year I pick one family member to knit for and I think this is a pretty darn good solution. It will give me a much needed break from Santa’s workshop, and it will make those items I’ve made before even more dear. So, this year, I pared my to-knit-for list down to one. And it is an enormous relief.