Martha’s Vineyard Post

So, my in-laws invited us to share some of their vacation with them in Martha’s Vineyard.

But you’re not here for family vacation photos! You’re here for the alpacas! Unfortunately my camera had gone missing by this point, so I only got some pictures with my cell phone. And not all the pictures I should have gotten either. :-(

I really enjoyed the alpaca farm, even though our nav system took us there by the most backroady backroads imaginable.

(insert picture of a one lane dirt road in the woods here)

We arrived just in time to watch the alpacas eat their lunch. So cute!

Even my hubs had a good time. He asked lots of questions about alpaca keeping. I was adamant that we may NOT bring an alpaca home, even though they are sweet and adorable.

There were babies. And mamas.

(insert picture of the alpaca farmer, a charming Frenchman, holding up one of the babies for me to pet)

One baby was less than 24 hours old.

(imagine a picture of a sleepy, wee, still damp baby alpaca and his overly protective mama)

Souvenirs were procured (click to embiggen).


So, if you are ever able to make it up to Martha’s Vineyard, be sure to check out Island Alpacas. It’s well worth the drive, even if you get lost on the back roads.

4 thoughts on “Martha’s Vineyard Post

  1. Ah. That baby alpaca is sooo cute!!! : ) Makes me want one.

    Dig the Peruvian nativity. Nice! I keep getting my phone out to call you and then getting interrupted!

  2. We enjoyed reading your entry! Thank you for highlighting our farm!! O) Baby I believe is Zora’s Zambrotta — Estrada being the dad — So glad you made it to the farm and you have great success with the alpaca roving for spinning! Greetings from all of us @ the farm– see you next year!

    ps: why not take a couple home??? ;o)

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