Felted Clogs for Toasty Toes


I love love love these slippers! You may recall that I made a pair of these almost two years ago. I didn’t put bottoms on them and they fell apart eventually. I finally got around to casting on another pair! Yay! I will probably put bottoms on these, but have been wearing them around anyway. My feet have been too darn cold!

5 thoughts on “Felted Clogs for Toasty Toes

  1. Aren’t they wonderful! I’m wearing the pair i made myself right now. Fortunately they haven’t worn out yet, but untli this year my feet never got cold. This year my feet are freezing, so they will get a ton of use!

  2. ’tis the season, apparently, since Kris/Painted Sheep just finished a pair too. As I mentioned over there, we’re a big fan of those slippers here. Both of my guys wear slippers made from Bev’s patterns — felted clogs in the narrow version for Jesse, the moccasins for Scott. When my current store-bought slippers wear out, I’ll be felting a pair for myself too. They last for years with the addition of the suede soles. Enjoy!

  3. These are fantastic. So gorgeous. I’m lazy, I’m just about to order another pair of felt clogs from Bean’s– the ones I’ve had for 10 years have finally had it.

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