Blaargh. Rough Morning.

The Mister and I stayed up entirely too late last night playing Borderlands (a really fun video game!) together. But video games, by their nature, aren’t meditative in the way of knitting and are instead quite stimulating (to say the least) so I had rather a difficult time falling asleep last night. I also think my brain spent much of the night killing mutant bandits instead of restoring itself for the day to come. In the future, I must remember that my brain is no longer the springy, resilient brain of a 19-year-old, but rather a nearly 40-year-old brain that more resembles a bowl of warm jello.



4 thoughts on “Blaargh. Rough Morning.

  1. I find myself waking up some mornings from dreams of smashing apart Lego bricks to collect the studs for points, so I totally understand the problem here…

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