holiday cheer

That’s IT!

I couldn’t take the Christmas decorations any more. Overnight they all went from  festive and cheery and homey to holy-crap-what-is-all-this-stuff-doing-in-my-way?! GAH! Goodbye Christmas 2010! Now I can clean up the rest of my house which has,  apparently, been declared a Federal Disaster Area. Or possibly a Super Fund site. I’m not sure. I have the paperwork around here somewhere….

3 thoughts on “That’s IT!

  1. Yeah, I’m delighted to get the decorations out in early December, but equally happy to clear those spaces before January 1. I love the coziness when they’re out, adore the clean lines when they’re gone. Win, win.

  2. if it makes you feel any better, I took the tree down last weekend but still have the random decorations up, along with 4 boxes of ornaments sitting in my dining room to put away. just can’t seem to motivate myself to haul everything 2 flights up to the attic.

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