No Rest For The Weary

Thanks for all the kind wishes on yesterday’s post! You guys really are the best. But don’t feel too badly about it. I honestly don’t have any problems ripping back a nearly (or fully) completed project and starting over if that’s what needs to be done. Even if it is a lace shawl that was totally kicking my ass anyway. Knit fearlessly and frog mercilessly until you are happy and satisfied with the finished product. Let “I *LOVE* knitting” be your mantra.

Plans are in the works to restart the Blue Blossom tomorrow, but for today, I finally got a start on my friend’s asswarmer.


These will go nice and fast. I’ve already knitted both legs and just need to join them and knit the whole thing for about 4 inches. She likes her pants tiny.

And finally, as promised, Ruffled Baktus:


It’s coming along quite nicely I think.