Having spent the better part of today flipping through Ravelry and thinking about the project I would like to cast on next (yes, I am aware of my 3 WsIP, shut up), I came up with the following considerations:

  1. I would like to go from Cast On to Cast Off fairly quickly.
  2. I do not feel like knitting socks or any other small project (hat, mittens, etc.)
  3. Even though spring is coming, I would like the finished object to be something fairly warm and cozy (hence the need for it to knit up quickly).

I think I have narrowed it down to Iced, but I don’t have a good yarn for it on hand. Not that I am completely opposed to hitting the yarn shop, I was just hoping to create something kind of for free out of thin air, if you know what I mean. One possibility is to knit it with a worsted held double. Lord knows I have plenty of worsted weight yarns languishing in the stash, but I guess the question then becomes do I have enough of the same kind of worsted languishing in the stash to make a bulky weight sweater? Tomorrow, I think I shall dive deep into the stash tomorrow. Hopefully I will remember to take pictures. Send out a search party if you don’t hear from me.

2 thoughts on “Considerations

  1. LOL, Jen, you and I are working on a similar wavelength. I spent last night and today cruising Ravelry, going through 271 (yes, you read that right) pages of search results for a pattern I might want to do. I threw several ideas into my queue, but nothing I really want to do . I won’t mention the WIPs, I have about 6 of those. Yeah, I’m in a rut.

    Iced looks cool (no pun intended). Could you perhaps give it a stripey/variegated look by doubling up with different colors and perhaps dropping one color and adding another at regular or irregular intervals? I’m not sure how that would look, but could help with the problem of not enough of one kind of yarn.

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