Not Enough Yarn

Yesterday, while I was digging through my stash and lining up all the non-committed worsted weights, I was trying to explain to my TAS, who watched the whole process bemusedly, that the problem is not that had chosen the wrong pattern for the yarn I have. The problem is that my stash is clearly insufficient. I mean, I have plenty of worsted weight yarn, a fair amount of sock yarn, a bit of lace weight yarn, and even a few hanks of handspun. How could I have just a single ball of bulky weight yarn, and an acrylic blend yarn at that?!

Well, I set out today to remedy that. First, I did a bit of mental math and realized that it would actually be cheaper to knit that sweater in Cascade Eco wool than in Lion Brand Thick and Quick. Once that truly dawned on me, and I was able to process it properly, it was kind of a no-brainer. I weatherized the boys and hit the LYS. Only, sadly, they are starting to make room for the spring yarns and Cascade Eco was out of stock (I did get some of this though). Poo. I very nearly got in the car and drove to Webs right then. But dudes, I had so many other things to do today, including a Target run and a Post Office stop. Thankfully, Webs has a website. Guess what I did as soon as I got home?

The yarn is on the way and I will be casting on as soon as I get it! Hopefully soon. I really need a project that isn’t socks. Or lace.

2 thoughts on “Not Enough Yarn

  1. You and I are so obviously in the same spot right now. lol I was having almost the exact same conversation last night with the hubster. I’m tired of socks. (Makes me a little nauseous when I see all the sock yarn I have.) I’m not hip enough to wear the shawlettes that I like to make. There’s the majority of my stash right there. Then you add in all the random hanks of worsted weight that don’t match or that there’s only 1 or 2 of. /sigh/

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