Life is Like That

Today was one of those busy days of running around that didn’t allow for much knitting time or a very interesting blog post. I took the kid to the orthodontist then we went to the library and then the health food store. After which, we came home and I looked at the internet for a while before I had to switch off and head over to my naturopath. (OMG, I am such a crunchy hippie aren’t I? I was going to go to Trader Joe’s, too!) A busy day to be sure, but not a very interesting one.

Right now there is a Facebook poll going around which asks which states you’ve been to. I really hate the questions feature of Facebook, since it doesn’t seem to work very well and I end up getting aggravated because I’m unable to click the box I want to click! Blaaarrgh! Anyway, I was reminded of this one, which works quite well and also provides a lovely visual result!

visited 23 states (46%)
Create your own visited map of The United States

Can you tell the route we took when I moved from Idaho to Connecticut? See? I was an interesting person. Once.

3 thoughts on “Life is Like That

    1. lol! oops! I forgot to click one more box! I fixed it and added Delaware too because we once drove to DC too. Delaware’s so tiny, if you blink you miss it. Very much UNLIKE South Dakota.

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