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A Fun Day (with a slightly TMI picture)

I had some dental work done today! My very back tooth had an old amalgam filling which the dentist wanted to replace with a shiny new (not shiny) composite filling.

He had to give me 3 shots to numb me sufficiently (his nifty new Single Tooth Anesthetic thingy just didn’t work on me) and after the work was finished, he ever so helpfully informed me that I will be numb until Tuesday.

Luckily I’m not too numb for knitting!

2 thoughts on “A Fun Day (with a slightly TMI picture)

  1. I had to have a filling the other week, He had to give me three injections too, because they just weren’t working. Luckily I was only numb for the rest of the day :)

  2. The single site injection didn’t work? Dang! At our office, that’s normally our last resort. O.o Although, I’m curious…are you still numb?

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