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She Was Robbed

Apologies in advance if you have heard this story already because you follow me on G+ or are a friend on Facebook.

Yesterday my sister arrived home from work to find her apartment had been broken into. Stolen were her camera, her old Blackberry, her blender, but, the hardest loss was her MacBook Pro. She can live without the camera and her old Blackberry, but, as a deaf person, she relies heavily on her computer to communicate. On many levels, her computer was the only thing of value she owned. The loss hits her especially hard since she lives within a very tight budget (as we all do nowadays) and she will be unable to save enough money replace the computer for many years.

I never thought I’d be the type of person to post a plea for money on the internet, but at my urging, she has set up a ChipIn.com page. If you can help out, even a little, it would mean a lot.

Also, here is her blog post about it. Please read her story and consider helping if you are able.

2 thoughts on “She Was Robbed

  1. Jen, this makes me so mad (obviously at the person/people responsible for the crime). Unfortunately, I’m unable to contribute to her ChipIn page today and, by the time I can, it’s looking like she’ll have met her goal (yay!) Still, I’d like to contribute and will have some cash tomorrow if you’ll be at the park, and will have some more after the first of the month to help her out with the costs of repairing damage and replacing other losses.

    As for stealing her blender?! WTF?

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