Toemaggeddon 2011, briefly.

Last week, after waffling back and forth for a while, I finally decided I would to go to Rhinebeck on Sunday after all. I had already been planning on a Saturday trip to Ikea, so it would’ve worked out just fine. Saturday, I headed up to Ikea, popping into the cafe/grocery to get something to eat. While waiting on-line, the man in front of me caused one of his large and heavy boxes to fall off of his trolly and onto my toe.

It felt as if my toe had been hit with a large hammer, and couldn’t tell if it was broken or not. Somehow I managed not to curse in front of the long line of people waiting to buy their hot dogs and frozen yogurts. Luckily, I was there with my sis, who was able to help me collect E from the children’s play area and drive me to the ER (and then home when we were done).

It turns out that my toe wasn’t broken, but it did ultimately keep me from going to Rhinebeck the next day. That was last week and now my toe looks like this:

This week I have a cold, which I hear is going around. My head feels like it is packed with wool, which, I suppose is apropos for a fiber enthusiast. Still. It suuuuucks.

And to the spammer who included a joke with your spam link I say, well-played, sir. Well played. I totally lol’d.