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Testing, testing


This post is coming to you from the aforementioned iPhone. When my kids say cheese, they really mean it.

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Today is Isaac’s 10th birthday. I am in awe that so many years have passed between this:

and this:

Because the former seems like yesterday. Happy birthday, Isaac!

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Happy Caturday

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that the Mister and I both got our Christmas presents early: a pair of iPhone 4s’. We love them! Having a camera on me at all times has really made it easy for me to take more pictures of the cats than usual.

I love how the flash makes them all squinty. I see I need to harass Doozer more often since that mosaic is so Lolly-centric. Have a happy and relaxing Caturday, everyone!

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The Remains of the Bird

Hope your day was filled with food, fun, and if you like them enough, family. Happy Turkey Day!

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Ranty Monday is Ranty

Okay, I admit that I support the Occupy Wall Street movement and would definitely like to see more economic equality in this country, but this petition which was just emailed to me from pissed me right the fuck off.

Having to work on Thanksgiving day is nothing new. I’ve done it. My dad has done it. I’m pretty sure my mom has done it too. This guy is complaining that he has to “interrupt” his Thanksgiving meal to go to his Target job at midnight? Firstly, NO ONE IS STILL EATING THANKSGIVING DINNER AT MIDNIGHT. And if you are, YOU’RE DOING IT WRONG.

Secondly, here’s a story for you: when I was in my late teens and early 20’s, I worked at a movie theater. I actually had to report to work at NOON on Thanksgiving day, and stay at work until 8 or 9 pm, because guess what? A surprising number of people like to go out and see a movie after they eat their turkey dinner. (Now that’s what I call “interrupting” a family meal.) Here’s another story: while I was in college, I worked in a call center for a local DirectTV/Internet provider (which also took calls for other local providers across the country) I had to report to work for my regular shift (I worked swing shift, so from 3pm-11pm) on Thanksgiving day, because guess what? People like to watch TV after they eat their Turkey dinner and sometimes they needed technical support and/or someone to order a pay-per-view movie for them. Oh and you know what? THE WORLD DIDN’T FUCKING END BECAUSE I HAD TO WORK ON THANKSGIVING DAY.

The fact of the matter is that the world doesn’t stop spinning because it’s a holiday. Some people are going to have to work while others are celebrating to keep the wheels of society turning. Doctors and nurses, truck drivers, train operators, police officers and firefighters, 911 operators, Chinese food restauranteurs and their staff, they all work on holidays. THAT’S JUST THE WAY IT IS. And frankly, unless you are living off family money, odds are that at some point in your working life, you will have to report to work on a holiday (I worked the concession stand at the theater on Christmas day, too, and believe it or not, we were SLAMMED).

Being a working stiff sucks, but seriously? You’re going to publicly petition your company and risk not having an income during the holiday shopping season because you didn’t feel like working the graveyard shift at Target on a Thursday night? No, I shall not be signing your stupid petition because you are a dumbass.

Moreover, if you have a problem with Target opening at midnight for Black Friday, don’t go shopping at Target at midnight. Stores are pushing back the start of the holiday shopping season because people are playing along with them. If it costs them more money to open the store at midnight than they make from having the store open, they won’t do it anymore. Got a problem with the whole “Black Friday” thing in general? DON’T PLAY ALONG. Stay home! Do your shopping during the month of December or on November 1st or throughout the year. Seriously people it’s not that hard.

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Big Day Today

1. I finally got around to picking up a couch we ordered from Ikea back at the beginning of October. Now that it is in my house I despise the color, but I know I’ll get used to it. Also, I will be able to tone it down with some contrasting throw pillows and our gigantic sheepskin. We haven’t had a couch since June (or before, I can’t really remember when the last one gave up the ghost) so the cats are extremely excited to finally have something to sit on. I am too, I admit, even though the thing is rather a bit more orange than I had expected.

2. I finally succumbed to peer pressure and talked my husband into upgrading from our crappy little cell phones to iPhones! After I finished assembling the couch we packed up the boys and headed over to the Apple store. We had to wait in line about 2 hours, and then it took a while to get the account set up since we switched from AT&T to Sprint (sorry AT&T!). But now I has an iPhone!! w00t!! Follow me on Twitter (@kniterrupted) because, theoretically, I can now tweet the crap out of everything.

3. I continue the slow march through Catkin chart 1. Here I am, a little way past the halfway point where I am very nearly about to run out of orange yarn. I suspected the yardage would be extremely tight, but I took a gamble on it anyway. Needless to say I’m not thrilled. Option 1: buy another hank of STR and be guaranteed the colorways won’t match. Option 2: frog it and reknit without the orange garter stripes in the first section. The colorway will match, but reknitting. Neither option is particularly appealing.

4. I cast on a plain and simple sock, specifically for knitting abroad. Isn’t it purty?

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These Clogs Are Made For Writing

1. I made some slippers! Felted Clogs to be precise.


I love this pattern and I’ve already committed myself to making two more pairs. One pair for the Mister and I think my sis might like a pair too.

2. I’ve been working on NaNoWriMo, but was unable to write yesterday because of some random family drama and didn’t write again today because of my arm is feeling all hurty again. I need to have a totally doable 6,200 word weekend to catch up, but am seriously considering just dropping out again this year. If my arm is going to be hurty, I think I’d kind of prefer to have some slippers at the end of it, if you know what I mean.

If you had to choose between NaNoWriMo and knitting, which would it be?