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Top 5 Posts of 2011

The end of 2011 is fast approaching, which is always cause for a bit of navel gazing around these parts. For today’s post I offer you the Top 5 most visited Knitting, Interrupted posts of the past year.

1. Self Portrait Ski Mask. It’s always fun to see what silliness/creepiness people are knitting up.
2. YaYa Mitts. A top-down knitting pattern from yours truly, for those small treasured hanks of yarn you’re not sure what do to with.
3. Wollmeise Destash. I lured quite a few of you in with my April Fool’s prank this year. *evil grin*
4. Musings on the Closing of Remnants. I was sad when Remnants was retired.
5. 10 on Tuesday Goes up to 11. A top 11 list of my favorite non-knitting blogs.

I still really enjoy this blog, even though the past year I have pretty much failed to deliver on content. I hope to remedy that in 2012 and am toying with the idea of attempting the post a day challenge again. Heh. Well, we’ll see. In any case, I do hope to be a more consistent blogger in the New Year.

Tomorrow:  A 2011 Finished Object Round Up.