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Nature Drama!

Today I glanced out the window with the corner of my eye and saw a bunch of ducks in the parking lot walking past the window. “Aw,” I thought, “it’s a duck parade!” But when I grabbed my camera and got a better look at what was happening, this is what I saw:

The ducks were shooing a pair of black vultures away from their favorite area under the bush beneath my window. Once they had convinced the vultures to move a comfortable distance away, they smugly returned to the shade and safety of the bushes. At least 4 of these guys were fuzzy little ducklings when we first moved in.

Here are the vultures looking all dejected.


So they wandered over to the dumpster in hopes of a snack that doesn’t fight back.

But as I was getting ready to put my camera away, I noticed I wasn’t the lone spectator of this tiny drama.

This very lovely red-shouldered hawk was also watching. And waiting.


3 thoughts on “Nature Drama!

  1. lol Love it. Good thing those ducks aren’t small and fuzzy anymore or that hawk would probably be doing more than watching. ; ) We’ve got about 3 or 4 hummingbirds that keep us entertained here. Those little things are fierce!

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