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Happy September

O Hai, blog. It’s September already. I’ve had a pretty good couple of weeks. We survived a glancing blow from our first major tropical storm, Isaac. Omg, so much rain! The canal behind our place got SSSSOOOOO FULL!

(here’s what it looks like normally) We were really lucky, although we did get a leak in the ceiling which got our TV wet. The big thing is our power never went out and so we never lost our sweet, delicious air conditioning. So, yay!

Then I tortured Lolly for fun.

And, yesterday, I cut off all my long hair.

I really admire people who can get good iPhone-in-the-bathroom-mirror shots of themselves. I had such a hard time posing myself, lol.

Also, I’ve been knitting, but of course there aren’t any pictures of that.