Happy Caturday!


Why my cat thinks this is the worst bed and breakfast ever.

Firstly, the service here sucks. The humans make her wait all the way until 7 am to put out fresh food in the morning. And until dinner (which is often late), there’s nothing to eat except stale cereal. Honestly, how do they expect her to eat those foul pellets? GAH!

Secondly, the bathrooms do not meet her exacting standards. At first, it was fine, a nice little box, next to the scat bowl the humans use, but then they decided to put her litter tray right up in the scat bowl!* She is highly suspicious of this, but when  she decided to make her own scat on the cleaner, slightly less stinky floor, the human female moved the food service into the bathroom! WTF? This has forced her to use the litter tray and she is not happy about it.

Thirdly, the other feline resident constantly chases and harasses her, pouncing on and biting her, in spite of her loud and growly protests. Oh sure, he’s happy to wash her face every now and then, but for the most part he is as annoying as the little humans that are always trying to pick her up and cuddle her. Something else she utterly despises.

She would like to move, but finds the outside world altogether terrifying.


*we are in the process of kitty potty training


and because we haven’t seen her in a while…

Here’s Lolly, looking very predatory:

Doozer · Lolly

What your cats think of Labor Day.

Happy Labor Day, ya’ll!

Doozer · Lolly · Whiskers on Wednesday

Whiskers on Wednesday

I do have knitting content for you, but I have rather too many dishes in my sink to do a post about it. So for today, cat pictures and a bonus poem.

Doozer is slightly too large for his cat bed.

Lolly is slightly too small.

What do I have to say about it?

Evidently nothing at all.

Lolly · Whiskers on Wednesday

Whiskers On Wednesday

Today, let’s just say that a certain SOMEone has not been behaving in a manner conducive to healing as it pertains to her recent surgical procedure.

Doozer · Lolly · Whiskers on Wednesday

Whiskers on Wednesday

On Saturday, I introduced an addition to our family, Lolly. She’s a 4 (or 5) month old torti-tabby we brought home as a companion for Doozer. Considering that Doozer has been an only cat for as long as he has, he’s actually taking the whole thing rather well. This morning we arrived at a major kitty milestone:

Eating breakfast together without making any growly noises.

Doozer · Lolly

Rocking Doozer’s World

Ooh boy, I’m going to have to change the name of this blog to “We Interrupt This Knitting Blog to Bring You Pictures of Cats”. And we’ll have Yakity Sax playing in the background. Sorry, but there is news.

When Persi left with my TAS a couple of weeks ago some of Doozer’s behavioral issues came back. He started chewing up boxes again. He started stalking and biting the kids (and me!) again. After some thought, we realized that perhaps what he really needed is a companion–another kitty to chase and bite. So, we contacted the rescue group that got us Doozer and last week we met this girl:

And today we brought her home! Meet Lolly:

She’s about 4 months old and likes to watch TV and pounce on things. Doozer is, shall we say, rather less than thrilled. But we think that once he gets used to the idea they’ll get along smashingly!