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Whiskers on Wednesday

On Saturday, I introduced an addition to our family, Lolly. She’s a 4 (or 5) month old torti-tabby we brought home as a companion for Doozer. Considering that Doozer has been an only cat for as long as he has, he’s actually taking the whole thing rather well. This morning we arrived at a major kitty milestone:

Eating breakfast together without making any growly noises.

8 thoughts on “Whiskers on Wednesday

  1. Wow- it took us AGES to get Chester to stop hissing and growling as soon as he walked into the house (didn’t matter if any cat was within view). Super that they’re already getting along well enough to eat near each other!

  2. lol. After months of her being chased from the food dish by the bigger dogs, we arrived at a major puppy milestone last week when the puppy chased the big dogs away from a bone.

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