Wherein I am a Magic 8 Ball.

The following conversation with my TAS took place on AIM this morning between eight and eight fifteen this morning:

Her: hello!
Me: yo.
(5 minutes later:)
dude, you’re leaving me hanging, AGAIN!!!
I fucking hate that!!
Her: lol, sorry
i ding you
then i’m in the middle of something
Me: ok
what r u in the middle of?
Her: and the stray thought–I wonder how x is?–and oh shit my phone
i’m putting my journals away
Me: ???
Her: kids still aggravating you?
Me: we’ll see
we all just sort of woke up
so not yet
i’ll be a magic 8 ball
“ask again later”
Her: oh good
*shakes you vigorously*
Will I meet my true love today?
Me: “ask again later”
I make a horrible magic 8 ball
I was like, “dude, why is she shaking me?”
Her: lol
magic 8 ball needs more coffee
Me: haha
“signs point to yes”

One thought on “Wherein I am a Magic 8 Ball.

  1. I always hated the “ask again later”. As impatient as I am, it went about like this:
    Me:”Will I get a raise?”
    Ball:”Ask again later.”
    ::waits 5 seconds…SHAKE, SHAKE, SHAKE::
    Me: How bout now?

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