grumble · Thursday.

Dear John Stewart:

OMG, you guys! I went to see the Daily Show today! It was the first day out I’ve had sans kids in a very very long time (thanks, hubs! You’re the best ever!) and it was a lot of fun. They must have the hardest working staff in television. They put on such a great show. There is one thing I would like John Stewart (and his security staff) to know, however. No self-respecting knitter would ever (EVER) use her (or his!) needles as a shiv. I mean seriously. It would get blood all over the wool. Just a little FYI. You know.

random · Thursday.

This must be Thursday.

It’s been a very crummy week for a couple of people close to me. Plus my arm hurts, so knitting is on a hiatus for now. Here’s my prescription for a bad week when you can’t knit.

Step one: go here. Say “omnomnomnom”. Refresh the page. Repeat.

Step two: now, here. Enjoy a dancing parrot with very good rhythm.

Step three: here. Laugh at the misfortune/idiocy of others.

Repeat steps 1-3 as necessary.

Do you have any internet favorites that make you laugh when you’re feeling down? Please share them in the comments. Bonus points if you can correctly identify the source of the quote in the title of this post.