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This must be Thursday.

It’s been a very crummy week for a couple of people close to me. Plus my arm hurts, so knitting is on a hiatus for now. Here’s my prescription for a bad week when you can’t knit.

Step one: go here. Say “omnomnomnom”. Refresh the page. Repeat.

Step two: now, here. Enjoy a dancing parrot with very good rhythm.

Step three: here. Laugh at the misfortune/idiocy of others.

Repeat steps 1-3 as necessary.

Do you have any internet favorites that make you laugh when you’re feeling down? Please share them in the comments. Bonus points if you can correctly identify the source of the quote in the title of this post.

4 thoughts on “This must be Thursday.

  1. I hadn’t seen omnomnomnom before. That is awesome and pure win.

    For when I’m feeling down, I visit bash.org for geeky (and often raunchy, be warned) quotes from various IRC groups. I also enjoy PunditKitchen.com, which is kind of like LOLcats only with better grammar and more politically-relevant content.

    This Is Sand is gentle fun with color.

    Oh, and I check my Webcomic-O-Rama, which is a blind page of links to webcomics that I follow (or used to follow) on a regular basis. There’s enough reading material there to last for MONTHS, and I’ve read the entire archives of each one. (Otherwise it doesn’t make the list.)

  2. Hitchhiker’s Guide!

    Sigh… I never could get the hang of Thursday’s either.

    yellow wandered through his mind in search of something to connect with…

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