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Another Season Over

Today was our concert, culminating weeks of orchestra rehearsals. I had the best seat in the house.

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Well, hey there!

Wow, it’s already 11pm. I just got back from orchestra (well, about an hour ago I did, but I had to do some things before I could get to the computer).  It was our dress rehearsal for the concert which is on Sunday. What a great rehearsal we had! We sounded awesome! I counted all my counted measures properly and I didn’t miss any of my entrances. You should’ve been there! Because, of course, you know that we’ve jinxed ourselves for the concert and we’re going to totally suck. /sigh/

I was going to snap a picture, but of course I forgot my camera. FURTHER! I’m embarrassed to say that I can’t think of a way to wrap up this post, so I will just say GOOD NIGHT! And I’ll see you tomorrow. Cheers!