I think it might be too big…

Here’s the progress on my first toe-up sock.

Doesn’t it look big to you? It is, it’s just about 12 inches long. Big enough for my husband’s size 13’s but I think that my FIL is more like a size 10. I decided to rip back a little, so I pulled out the needles, then I thought it might look nice with a different ribbing pattern–maybe a 3×1 or a 4×1. I haven’t decided so the sock is on vacation while I sort it out.

In the mean time, I started this:

I am almost positive I do not have enough yarn for a pair of socks, so I was thinking I would do just one really spectacular and adorable kid-sized sock. Perhaps a lacy knee-high. We’ll see. The Jaywalker for my MIL is still incommunicado–having a vacation at my friend’s house.