Where did the time go?

I haven’t posted since Wednesday. Sorry dear readers, I guess it’s been a crazy week. Tuesday was Grocery Shopping day, Wednesday we went to the AMNH museum in Manhattan.

(I-6 is mad because I interrupted his picture taking to take this picture. E is proud of himself because he can say “cheese”.)

Yesterday was Library Day. Today is Knitting Group (with a quick stop at the LYS‘s sidewalk sale). It’s a whirlwind! (I know it doesn’t seem like grocery shopping or going to the library should take all day, but with two small children in tow, the simplest of errands often become the grandest of all-day adventures.)

I haven’t even done much knitting. I’ve been waiting for my MIL to send me my FIL’s arm measurement. I was only reunited with my MIL’s Jaywalker on Wednesday. The days of knitting while strolling leisurely among the dinosaur bones are long gone. Yesterday I was reading. Whew!