The Harlot Rules!

I just got back from the trip to Madison and (except for a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad thing that happened right after the Harlot finished her talk–we shall not speak of it here) I had a thoroughly enjoyable time. Stephanie is as funny and engaging in person as she is in her books, and I’m so glad I got to meet her.

Here she is, holding my SIP, rubbing it up against the traveling sock. Awesome.

4 thoughts on “The Harlot Rules!

  1. This was very worth the trip…really enjoyed hearing The Harlot go on and on. She’s amazing. As for certain people who have a low tolerance for normal kid behavior – their loss. You have a couple of awesome boys and are a terrific mom. Go Jen! – from Barbara at RJs
    P.S.I have 17 unique hats to deliver: 8 to Child & Family Agency in New London and 9 for the Bridgeport shelter. Thank you for knitting all those hats!

  2. I’m very, VERY curious about this “horrible incident which shall not be spoken of”. I will bug you at the Lake.

    I second Irene: youre a wonderful Mom. So there.

  3. It was nice to meet you at RJ’s before the book talk – I’m wondering about Barbara’s comment about the “certain people who have a low tolerance for normal kid behavior” – there was a woman in front of me who SHUSHED me during the Harlot’s talk, so I would think she’s the same certain person! I “kinneared” her to put her on my blog, which I hope to update today. I thought your boys were great!

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