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First, a WIP:

Another Booga Bag, this time for me, with button hole handles instead of an i-cord strap. It’s been ages since I’ve knit up most of an entire ball of yarn in one evening. It was nice, mindless, barely have to watch it, going round and round, stockinette stitch while watching the movie “Fun With Dick and Jane“. Anybody else seen this movie? Am I the only one bothered by it?

SPOILER: I mean, here you have this affluent couple, newly unemployed and having to resort to robbing banks for money. It sounds like an amusing premise and Jim Carey was not overly annoying (neither was Tea Leoni), but it really disturbed me that is couple did not do a single thing to curb their rampant consumerism in the face of their job losses, or even when they were robbing banks to pay the bills. They just went right back to their “American dream” lifestyle without having learned a single lesson. I found that very upsetting.

Moving on. Look what I discovered in my local Trader Joe’s yesterday:

Squeaky cheese curds! This was my first time and, OMG, these are so freaking awesome. It was so hard not to eat the whole 10 oz. package. *YUM* I think I’m going to have cheese curds for breakfast.

Finally, I also took the boys to the park yesterday. Here is I pushing E on the swing.

Cute, huh?

5 thoughts on “Cheese!

  1. So you’ve discovered squeaky cheese! I haven’t had real squeaky cheese that actually squeaks since I was a kid (Marion’s Dad had a dairy so the new cheese there really squeaked!) The more it ages, the less it squeaks! Enjoy! Love Mom

    PS–Did the tick detective ever get identified?

  2. Love the boys playing together! Those are the moments to live for!

    Have been wondering about Cheese Curds for nearly a year now… Maybe you could send some my way?


  3. Love the cheese curds. I might have to make a trip to the cheese factory now. mmm…

    Love the yarn for the booga bag.

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