Arrived By Post Today

Isn’t it lovely? I ordered the 9 mm for two reasons: first, it’s the size I needed for one of the secret projects I am working on and, second, it’s a size that does not come with the Knit Picks Options set. I do not yet own the KP Options set, but when I get it, I will have already extended it. That’s me, always thinkin‘!

While I was waiting for the needles to arrive in the mail, I cast on this:

another secret project. Can you guess what it is?

4 thoughts on “Arrived By Post Today

  1. Either a bookmark or a headband?

    I love the Knit Picks options…can’t wait to own the set….


    Christmas maybe?

  2. Is it those adorable baby shoes that I’m absolutely dying to knit, even though I have not many babies in my life lately?

  3. I think it is going to be a hen in a whole barnyard knit animal thing you are making for Ezra. And why are you waiting til Christmas to give it to him?! The poor thing needs it now while he is recovering from surgery!!!

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